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As Investors in People we are not only committed to our own staff but we also believe in nurturing passion and knowledge in your staff too.


Our training manager, Scott Malyon, creates bespoke training packages for you, which have been proven to benefit your business in many directions:

Improves your customer’s experience – and ensuring that it is as good as it can be is paramount.

Up-selling increases your profitability – your staff will learn techniques on encouraging customers to explore your wine list.

Thorough knowledge of your wine list – staff ‘get to know’ your wines. Tasting sessions and background notes will help them advise customers.

Makes wine a focal point of your business – a plate of simple, honest food can be transformed into a banquet with the right wine.

Scott will take your wine list and use it as a tool to assist your staff to become true ambassadors of your wine. Our training sessions instill confidence to be able to talk about your wines. Added to that, working together spawns a thirst for knowledge.

All sessions are interactive. They are designed to encourage even the most shrinking of violets to participate and learn about the fundamentals of wine. Bespoke reference notes and background materials are given to staff at each session.

Training at The Vineyard Lamberhurst, Kent.

Training at The Vineyard Lamberhurst, Kent.


For more information on training please email Scott at smalyon@ellis-wines.co.uk